Lexis, lexeme and lemma

Lexis, lexeme and lemma Lexis, lexeme and lemma are the technical terms used in the syntax which is the core branch of linguistics. Lexis Lexis is another term that is used to refer to the vocabulary. In syntax, this technical term means all the list of words or vocabulary in a language. So, basically, lexis can be a synonym of vocabulary. The term “lexis” is a technical one whereas “vocabulary” is a general term for the list of all words.   Lexeme A lexeme is any form of a  head word that is related it as a UNIT OF MEANING. Therefore, when you refer to the lexeme, you are actually referring to a form of a word that is semantically related. For example, write, writes, wrote, writing are the forms the word “write”.   Lemma Lemma is also related ...[Read More]