Types of Research on the Basis of Methodology

On the basis of what types of procedures a research takes on to investigate a phenomenon, it can be categorized into Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Although a third method called mix-method is also widely in use nowadays.

Main Components of a Research in an Article or Thesis/Dissertation

Components of a Research Article what are the components of a research article? Main components of a research article or dissertation include; Abstract Introduction Literature Review Research Methodology Data Presentation/Analysis Conclusion References/Bibliography It is important to keep in mind that different research types follow different formats. For example, research articles almost always include discussions on the above mentioned parts but they are not divided into separate chapters. However, dissertations have separate chapters on 2-6. Abstracts and references are added separately but they are not counted as chapters or list numbers. Therefore, the main components would look like: Abstract Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Literature Review Chapter 3: Research Methodology Chapter...[Read More]

How to cite automatically with MS word/How to make references or write bibliography automatically with MS Word

How to cite automatically with MS Word? How to make references or write bibliography automatically with MS Word? by Zubair A. Bajwa In this article, I will guide you about making automatic citations and bibliography with the help of MS Word. Doing manual insertion of bibliography or in-text citations is, in no way, an easy task. Most of the researchers’ precious time is wasted in managing bibliographies which can be handled very easily with a word-processing software such as MS Word.   Benefits of generating Citations/Bibliography with MS Word Using MS word to cite and generate references brings you a lot of ease and comfort by saving your efforts as well as your time. Everything becomes automatic, you don’t have to bother about verifying the small details of your referenc...[Read More]

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