Critical Appreciation of the Poem “A Street Revisited” by Daud kamal

 Critical Appreciation of the Poem “A Street Revisited” by Daud kamal ABSTRACT This assignment aims to do the critical appreciation of the poem “A Street Revisited” by Daud kamal. It checks sociocultural background of the idea used in poetry, style used by poet and also the connotational and denotational meaning of the poem.   Poem A white pigeon comes down a stairway one step a time. Leaning against a stone wall, an old beggar rearranges his crutches. Scruffy children (one wipes his nose on his sleeve) play marbles in a shrinking patch of a sunlight.   Quite a bit seems to have changed in these thirty years. Tourists stay longer and have more to spend. Cinema posters are more provocative than ever. Coke has replaced ice-sherbet And gas-lamps now are seldom seen.   Beyond th...[Read More]

Love Metal: A Formalist Study of Gone with the Sin by His Infernal Majesty (HIM)

ABSTRACT This paper aims to do the formalist analysis of the lyrics of song Gone with the sin by HIM (His Infernal Majesty) band. The paper will look at how literary devices can be creatively used in poetic/figurative language and it will also point out the element of defamiliarization in the lyrics of song. It will involve conception of poetic deviation from the normal use of language. It will discuss the creative use of literary devices and blending of two different genres, hence leading to cross genre. Keywords: Russian Formalism, Figurative Language, Poetic Language, Literature and Music, Cross Genre, Literary Devices   Russian formalism is a literary school of thought. It was established in 1920’s and was forcefully deteriorated in 1930’s. It was initiated by Boris Eichenbaum, Ro...[Read More]

What is Postcolonial Theory: a comment on Spivak, Bhabha and Syed’s Quotations in Postcolonialism

The Postcolonial Theory The postcolonial theory looks at the colonialism’s strategies of representation of the native, the epistemological underpinnings of colonial projects (colonial histories, anthropology, area studies, cartography), the feminization, marginalization and dehumanization of the native, the rise of nationalist discourse that resisted colonialism and other forms of resistance and the psychological effects of colonialism on both the colonizer and the colonized. Gayatri Chakaravorty Spivak talks about subalternism. The term “Subaltern” is used in British army for an officer who is lower in rank whereas in postcolonial theory it refers to the person who is suppressed by a colonizer or by the dominant force in such society to which he/she is migrated. According to Spivak “The S...[Read More]

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Analysis of The Bull and the She Devil by Zaib-un-Nissa Hamidullah

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Analysis of The Bull and the She Devil by Zaib-un-Nissa Hamidullah   By Azan Khalid ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to do the psychoanalysis of The Bull and the She Devil written by Zaib-un-Nissa Hamidullah. The problem lies in the character of Ghulam Qadir who murders his wife, brother and nephew in the end of the story. There can be implicit and explicit psychological motives behind these murders. The model of Lacanian psychoanalysis is employed in this work as a source of uncovering the underlying issues relating to the character. The findings of the study depict the explicit psychological motives according to Lacanian model which is symbolic and emphasizes on the structuralists conception of signified whereas the implicit psychological motives involve ima...[Read More]

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