Diachronic Study: Diachronic Changes in English

Diachronic Study: Diachronic study is the historical study of language. Diachronic is contrasted with synchronic which is the study of language at the present time. Diachronic is the study of language that studies how language changed or evolved over time. So diachronic study is synonymous with historical study. It takes the history of language into account.   Diachronic Changes in English: English have observed changes on all the linguistic levels i.e. phonetics, in phonology, in morphology, in syntax, in semantics. English today is totally different from what it was a thousand years ago. What types of changes a languages can undertake? A language can undertake the following changes both synchronically (changes happening at present) and diachronically (changes happened in the past, h...[Read More]

Language Change in Linguistics

Why do languages change? Is it necessary for the language to change? Language change is not only essential because it is required for a language to be changed as the other changes happen in the society but also it is natural for languages. Humans live in the form of societies and these societies keep on changing as the time passes. To meet the changing needs of a society, language also changes. For example, most linguistic changes which are related to the vocabulary are the direct result of technological advancement. As the science progressed and new things were invented, so were the new words for these things. Language also changes when it comes in to contact with other languages. This contact may for the trade purposes or due to the influence of some other language whose speakers are dev...[Read More]

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