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We are glad to see you here! 🙂
It's all about Linguistics
This is a platform for the linguists and the linguistics learners.
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A lot of linguistics are available for free


Looking for a linguistics book? Find here
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Many presentations are available for you to consult and for you to present them as part of your study 🙂


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Articles/ Research Papers

find the published and unpublished articles

Articles/Research Papers

Read articles published and shared by students, scholars and teachers from the field of Linguistics
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Other Online Posts

Find other online scholarly posts on many topics in Linguistics

Scholarly Posts

Read, comment and discuss what you are interested in
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Our Community

Our community constitutes people with specialization in different fields of linguistics. This community is about all those people who are learning or want to learn linguistics. Also, we have prominent members who are teachers and researchers in Pakistan. 

Once you become a member of this community, you can start discussions in the forums that have been separately designed for different subjects of linguistics.


Moreover, we give you the facility to have live chat with the members so that you can talk to the online members.


This platform offers you the facility to download material related to linguistics. You can download books related to all the fields of linguistics for free. You can also download research articles for free.

Also, contents are available that have not been published in books and journals. Such contents includes posts and other research work on Urdu, Punjabi and other Pakistani languages such as Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Khowar, Gilgiti, Balti etc. This keeps on being added and updated by our members.

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We can provide experts for your work. You can hire our services for your work if you want to have your assignment, article, research paper, thesis or book to;

  • be proofread for language and grammar use
  • verify or apply a specific research format (APA, MLA, Chicago etc.) Our experts will accurately format your work according to any of theses formats

Share knowledge of your language with the world

If you want to convey the linguistic knowledge to all Pakistan, this website is your channel to do that.

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